Meet Our Team

The team behind the sqlwhale site and content. We work hard to create quality content about all things data. From relational databases and administration to non-traditional options using tools like Redis, Mongo, or the ELK stack. We take the experience that we’ve gained working in the industry and provide the information in an easy to consume format.

We also offer consulting support for everything. This includes installation, support to training and reporting. This is still on a case by case basis so reach out on our contact page if you’re interested. We’re based out of Columbus GA, but regularly provide remote support in datacenters around the country.

Justin Whaley

DBA & Founder

My name is Justin Whaley and I am a Senior Database Administrator with 7+ years of experience working with SQL Server. I started right out of college as a web application developer working with SQL Server 2005 and PHP for a small company here in Columbus Georgia. A vacancy provided an opportunity for advancement and I was offered a chance to become a DBA. I’m part of a consolidated infrastructure team and I currently oversee administration for the data tier of our corporate datacenter as well as the team responsible for the administration. I specialize in automating SQL Server administration with Powershell, tuning queries, replication such as log shipping and HA using AO, troubleshooting performance problems, and maintaining peak performance of business critical systems.

Seth Centerbar

DBA & Lead Technical Contributor

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